Car Wash Chemicals

Car Wash Chemicals

The most efficient car was substances – purely better business

Tammermatic Swanline car wash detergents and waxes provide glossy clean end result all year round. The chemicals that are compatible with all car wash machines and water recycling systems are not only efficient, but also environmentally-friendly and biodegradable, as proven by the Swan ecolabel.

The full-range multi-purpose detergent selection includes options both for light dust and challenging dirt. The products are engineered for the demanding and varying conditions of the Nordic countries. The best washing efficiency ensures satisfied customers and makes car washes cost-effective both now and in the future.

Persistent development work behind the quality

Tammermatic has been engineering car wash chemicals consciously and persistently since 1974. Behind the high-quality car wash detergents is long-term cooperation with the supplier of the raw materials, AkzoNobel. The detergents are mixed in Tammermatic’s own production premises, following the company’s own formulas.

Tammermatic EasyBox facilitates the handling of car wash detergents

Tammermatic car wash chemicals are produced and delivered more frequently as super concentrates, which helps to save in transportation, handling and storage costs. With the EasyBox packaging system, the process of handling chemicals becomes simple and easy, and no spills occur when emptying the packages. Empty packages should be recycled with normal mixed wastes and cardboard.