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BioJet Water recycling

Saving water saves the environment

Water is becoming increasingly more valuable as we progress into the future, which is why special attention has been paid to the consumption of water in Tammermatic machines. Some of the water used for the machine washing of vehicles can be recycled. This reduces water consumption and waste water volumes from car wash operations.

Increasingly more attention is paid to environmental aspects, while consideration of the environment can also increase consumer appreciation of your car wash business. For example, by now in Sweden each automatic car wash should be using water recycling.

Water recycling is an economical and environmentally-friendly choice

Tammermatic BioJet is an economical water recycling system, one which is compatible both with brush machines and brushless machines. Its operation is based on a biological purification method, which degrades the organic compounds that are contained in water. A multilayer filter removes both solid matter and biodegradable products from the water, and a hydrocyclone destroys also any remaining harmful particles. Finally the recycled water is guided via a disinfecting UV lamp into a recycling water tank.

The Biojet system recycles 85 per cent of the water used in washes. Finally the vehicle is always rinsed with fresh water.

Environmentally-friendly choice

Water recycling is an environmental friendly choice for each wash station, and for all car wash machines.

Using the BioJet produces significant savings on the cost of fresh water, especially with high wash volumes.

Biological purification process

When using a biological purification method, the bacteria feeds on washing chemical residues that are contained in the water, and maintains a continuous biological process that degrades the organic compounds in the water.

Approved in Sweden

Swedish law requires the use of a water circulation system. Tammermatic BioJet meets the stringent requirements of Swedish standards and has received the approval required by Swedish law.