Car Wash Automatic car wash machines – T700 series

Automatic car wash machines – T700 series

Pure profits from a car wash

Tammermatic car wash machines represent a unique concept in the wash business. The machines are designed to yield better profits for operators of filling stations by providing the very best washing results alongside value-added services. Quicker wash programmes increase the wash capacity, while wash chemical quantities are easily adjusted to requirement in order to help save on procuring expensive chemicals. New value-added options, such as tyre polishing and versatile waxing operations, increase the price of washes.

Optimum shining wash results

Sophisticated washing methods and a multitude of selection options in wash programmes ensure superior end results in all market segments and in any washing circumstances. Tammermatic car wash machines produce shining wash results with optimum costs and cost efficiently both in damp conditions and in dusty summer heat.

Accessories allow machines to be tailored

Our versatile selection contains a selection of suitable machines for any need and any washing site. Our machines can also be tailored to individual requirements and can be modified for each individual customer by utilising various options and accessories that are on offer.

Tammermatic T700 brings the washing business to a new level

The Tammermatic T700 car wash series establishes new standards in the car wash business. The best washing results in the market, the most versatile properties, the speed and a new age control interface, as well as remotely controlled programmes and a chemical feed provide the opportunity to upgrade the wash business to a completely new level!

Optimise your wash process, improve customer satisfaction, and increase the number of washes, average price and turnover with the new Tammermatic T700 series wash machines.

A versatile user interface also allows for remote control

The T700 machines include an internet browser-based user interface, which can be operated either locally from a panel PC or remotely through a network connection where the wash machine is suitable connected to the network. The user interface features several user levels supplied with different rights, which provide access for reading the alarms and wash counters on the machine, and also allows the wash machine to be manually controlled during a wash, or the electronic documents that have been saved in the user interface to be browsed, or for wash programmes to be modified, all depending upon the available user level. The machines provides different user levels, such as one each for maintenance personnel, importers, and Tammermatic’s own representatives.

The remote control software allows solutions to be created for problem situations whenever and wherever they may arise. For example, where a fault in the machine may arise, the cause of the fault can be diagnosed even when there are no employees with interface administration rights present. The remote connection also lowers machine downtime to a minimum in error situations, since the maintenance mechanics can investigate faults before a service call is even made. This provides the option to be ready for future repairs and anticipate the need for possible spare parts even before service calls are made by the user.

Tammermatic T700 Jet

The completely brushless T700 Jet washes the car until it is clean and shiny by moving around high-pressure jets that reach even the most challenging nooks and crannies on the vehicle. Read more…

Tammermatic T700 Lux 

T700 Luxissa yhdistyvät kaikki The T700 Lux combines all of the various features of a brushless wash and a brush wash, allowing the car to be washed in its every smallest detail.   Read more…

Tammermatic T700 Pro

Täysin varusteltu T700 Pro -kone The fully equipped T700 Pro machine washes vehicles quickly and efficiently. The versatile wash programmes include both brush washes, and combination and polish washes. Read more…

Tammermatic T700 TAKT

The T700 Takt machine is a combination of the excellent features of the Lux machine and a separate polishing and drying unit that boosts the wash capacity and makes the end result even shinier. Read more…

Tammermatic T700 Twin

The T700 Twin machines feature all of the Lux characteristics, but the two independent machines wash the car clean and shiny in double quick time. Read more…