Tammermatic T700 Jet

Tammermatic T700 Jet – efficiently clean without brushes

A completely brushless wash for customers who need a quick and perfect wash without brushes. The T700 Jet washes the car clean and shiny by means of reciprocating high-pressure jets that also clean the challenging grooves around the vehicle. The option to be able to adjust the chemicals being used for each individual wash and crossing delivers the opportunity to modify the wash programmes into various scenarios that are suitable for individual washing circumstances.

The machine has been specially developed for the demanding Nordic conditions, and it efficiently cleans vehicles that have challenging body shapes, even down to attachments such as draw hooks, rear windscreen wipers, side mirrors, extra lights, or ski boxes, none of which will hinder the wash.

Brushless wash

The Tammermatic T700 Jet is an entirely brushless wash machine that cleans the vehicle efficiently by using reciprocating  high-pressure jets.

Wheel wash

The prewash and high-pressure wash for wheels make each nook and cranny in the tyres and rims clean and shiny.

Oscillating high-pressure water jets

Oscillating, rotating high-pressure water jets clean efficiently even those surfaces that are beyond the reach of brushes. Solid stream 0-degree nozzles help to maintain the water pressure steady also for the farthest surfaces.

The roof nozzle moves across the car, following its shape, while high-pressure water jets clean thoroughly both the horizontal and vertical surfaces from bumper to bumper.

The machine can use simultaneously both the side ramps and the roof ramp, in which case the high-pressure side jets clean the sides and the roof of the car in one sweep. This is a considerable time saver in the washing.

More efficient high pressure wash

The machine can use side and roof ramps simultaneously, in which case the high-pressure jets wash the car’s sides and roof in a single movement. This is a considerable time-saver.

Fully automatic form sensors

The T700 Jet measures the side profile of the car and controls the roof brush and the roof nozzle so that they are able to move around all of the obstacles. Now the same programme is also suitable for safe washing when it comes to ski boxes and pick-ups. Selecting the wrong programme is no longer possible.

Finishing the wash at the back of the car

Finishing the wash at the back of the vehicle allows it to be driven out of the washing hall, speeds up washing and making the washing process even more customer-friendly.

Remote adjustment of chemicals

The use of washing chemicals can easily be adjusted by each of the individual programmes and details entered via the remote connection, which even allows for the adjustment of the consumption of chemicals according to weather conditions. This delivers considerable savings in expenditure on chemicals and provides a shining end result.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring that improves the reliability of the machine allows the technical data for the wash machine to be analysed, and also allows for remote adjustment and monitoring of machine events through an online image in a web browser.