Tammermatic T700 Pro

Tammermatic T700 Pro – better washing result with diverse wash programmes

The fully equipped T700 Pro washes vehicles clean and shiny both quickly and efficiently, delivering to car wash operators a better cash flow and greater customer satisfaction.

The machine provides as many as 4 x 30 wash programmes that can be freely modified. The diverse wash programme range includes both brush washes and combination and polishing washes. Efficient high-pressure washes, bigger brushes, and advanced wheel wash options ensure even better washing results.

Further information:

Gentle brushes

Hellävaraiset, entistä suuremmat pehmoharjat puhdistavat auton pinnan lähes äänettömästi.

Gentle, even bigger buff brushes clean the car surfaces almost in complete silence. The brushes are controlled according to the efficiency values of rotating motors, which gives precise control that tolerates voltage fluctuations in the electrical network.

Side washes tilt to the shape of the car, whereby also the upper edges of side windows become clean.

Wheel wash

The prewash and high-pressure wash for wheels makes each nook and cranny in the tyres and rims clean and shiny. When it comes to the T700 Pro, the wheel wash is available not only with high-pressure jets, but also with brushes.


The TyreShine feature gives a sheen to the tyre. This extra option improves customer satisfaction and also allows the average price of washes to be increased, which again improves the profitability of the wash business.

Fully automatic form sensors

The T700 Pro measures the side profile of the car and controls the roof brush and roof nozzle so that they are able to move round any obstacles. Now the same programme is also suitable for safe washing when it comes to ski boxes and pick-ups. Selecting the wrong programme is no longer possible.

Fastest washes

The fastest washes are achieved with activities that are carried out simultaneously. The wash programs give the possibility to choose even six simultaneous activities for one cross-over motion.

The next wash can be paid for while the previous wash is still in progress, shortening the washing process by about two minutes if a credit card is used.

Integrated underbody wash

The underbody wash unit on the machine efficiently removes even the most stubborn dirt from the base, sides, and interior of mudguards and below the rear bumper. An underbody wash unit that is integrated into the machine saves floor space, which allows the washing hall to be kept tidy, among other things.

Finishing the wash at the back of the car

Finishing the wash at the back of the vehicle allows it to be driving out of the washing hall, speeding up washing and making the washing situation even more customer-friendly.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring that improves the reliability of the machine allows the technical data from the wash machine to be analysed, and remote adjustment and monitoring on machine events to be carried out through an online image in a web browser.