Tammermatic T700 Takt

Tammermatic T700 Takt – more wash capacity with a separate drying hall

The T700 Takt car wash machine combines all of the features of the T700 Lux as well as a separate drying and polishing machine, which ensures superior drying results and a shining surface.

The Takt system consist of two consecutive wash machines. The first unit washes the car, after which the car is driven into a second hall that is separated from the first by a quick-function door, so that the car can be waxed and dried. This significantly shortens the waiting time for customers while their car is being washed.

A wash consisting of two parts increases the wash capacity by at least thirty per cent, which again increases the number of washes that the station can handle. The machine is always in standby mode so that greater profits can be delivered to the wash operator.

All of the features of the T700 Lux

The T700 Takt is a combination of the superior T700 Lux features which include a brushless wash and a brush wash, as well as diverse value-added services that ensure even better wash results and customer satisfaction.

Increased washing capacity with a drying machine

The T700 Takt dries the vehicle with a separate drying machine, which significantly increases the washing capacity. The next car can drive into the car wash while the previous one is moving into the drying section.

The separate drying machine not only dries the vehicle but also polishes the surface of the vehicle until it is clean and shiny.

The best drying results

Drying is carried out in a separated space which ensures that no drops of water from the car wash or wash hall can touch the car. This ensures the best drying result and the shiniest vehicle surface.