Tammermatic T700 Twin

Tammermatic T700 Twin – two machines in the same hall wash twice as fast

The T700 Twin car wash machine combines all of the superior features of the T700 Lux, but in the Twin car wash there are two of all of the machine features for each single car that is washed. Two independent machines wash their own half of the car, halving the wash time, whilst not compromising on the end result.

All of the features of T700 Lux

The T700 Twin combines the superior T700 Lux features of a brushless wash and brush wash, as well as providing diverse value-added services that contribute to even faster and smoother car washing.

Dual wash features

With the T700 Twin, all units come duplicated, which halves the wash time and allows immense growth in the wash capacity.

Double-time brush wash

The T700 Twin machines comprise six brushes in all, which clean the vehicle twice as fast as normal washes.

Independent, free-moving machines

The T700 Twin contains two independent free-moving machines, one of which cleans the front of the car while the other cleans the rear.