Car Wash RoboJet wash tunnels

RoboJet wash tunnels

The ease of Wash tunnels tempts customers to become regulars

The majority of car owners wash their cars on a regular basis. More than half of them appreciates the effortless ease and environmental-friendliness of a machine wash.

A wash tunnel is a quick and easy way to wash a car. The capacity of a wash tunnel can reach as many as a thousand cars a day. Cars can drive in as rapidly as one a minute, providing a high number of washes and a short waiting time. A modern washing tunnel can be equipped with almost the same features as a single roll-over machine, making it a considerable alternative for an ordinary car wash. The washing tunnel as a wash system is a significant alternative if wash usage is more than 25,000 vehicles a year.

Thoroughly clean vehicle

Customers want value for money. Cleaning only the large surfaces on their vehicles is no longer enough, as a vehicle’s various complex forms, such as the front grille, roof racks, spoilers and speciality rims, livestock guards, and the recesses of registration plates, door handles, and windscreen wipers must be cleaned thoroughly. The washing tunnel offers a diverse selection of washes: prewashes, brush washes and brushless washes, and even polishing washes are easy and fast.

RoboJet – a washing tunnel for productive business

RoboJet is a modern washing tunnel with an outstanding wash result. The advanced wash methods and diverse modification options for wash programmes ensure customer satisfaction in any wash condition. Robojet is designed to fulfil the needs of every motorist.

A thousand washed cars a day

RoboJet washing tunnel washes, waxes and dries as many as a thousand cars a day, making it possible to maintain an uninterrupted flow of customers and eliminating any queuing. This will make customers want to revisit the car wash again and again.

The length of the washing hall for the RoboJet washing tunnel can range from 17 to 35 metres. The maximum washbay width and height are 2,300mm or 2,400mm, and the maximum height and width of the washbay are 3,000mm or 3,800mm.

Brush polishing protects paintwork and plastic surfaces

A number of different wash units can be selected for the washing tunnel, depending on the need and the washbay space available. For example, the machine can be equipped with a polishing brush unit, which uses soft brushes to buff special wax onto painted surfaces. A polishing treatment gives extra gloss to the paintwork and plastic surfaces and covers these with a dirt-repellent layer.