Car Wash Self-service wash Compact


COMPACT E / M – a space-saving system for indoors and outdoors

COMPACT self-service car wash system requires no special space for equipment, since all of the machinery involved is located in the single main unit. This also makes it possible to install COMPACT in confined indoor or outdoor spaces.

Pure profit for fuel station operators

With the COMPACT self-service wash system, washing the car is not only efficient, but also highly economical due to the precisely optimised and function-based adjustment of water consumption and also chemical consumption. The need for maintenance is also minimal. Washing is beneficial both for the customer and for the operator of the filling station.

Further information:


The COMAPACT is 2 box unit with pushbutton coin / token units. Requires no separate technical space.


The COMPACT M is 2 or 3 box unit with touch screen coin / token units. Building if needed must be selected separately.