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Clean By Nature

As a company constantly striving for cleaner results, environmental values are close to our heart. We offer unique systems for water recycling and refuse to use hydrofluoric acid.

Tammermatic BioJet is a functional and economical water recycling system compatible with brush and brushless machines. Its operation is based on a biological cleaning method, in which bacteria feed on wash chemical residues and maintain a constant biological process to break down any organic compounds in the water. A multilayer filter removes both solid matter and biodegradable products from the water. In the next phase, a hydrocyclone removes any remaining harmful particles, thus ensuring the operating requirements for a car wash’s high-pressure pumps. In the final phase, an ozone generator disinfects the water using short-wave ultraviolet radiation.

We have also taken a firm stand against the use of hydrofluoric acid or ammonium bifluoride (ABF) in vehicle washing applications. Hydrofluoric acid is an effective and cheap cleaner, but is one of the most dangerous and toxic chemicals known to man.

Fortunately, its use in vehicle wash applications is diminishing and is mostly limited to those chemical and equipment companies who either do not have a proper engineering department or who aim to maximize their profit at any cost. Hydrofluoric acid simply etches a layer of paint or vehicle surface away each time it is applied. A wash system using hydrofluoric acid requires very little engineering.

All major, respected chemical companies join us in condemning the use of this chemical in vehicle wash applications. We will never recommend or design equipment using a cleaner like hydrofluoric acid, which can kill if only 10 percent of a person’s skin surface is covered in an accidental spill.