Heavy-Duty Wash Standard products Rainbow Spinner Ultima

Rainbow Spinner Ultima

Heavy Duty cleaning power for Hard to Clean, Odd Shaped Vehicles

The Rainbow Spinner Ultima is designed to provide the best available cleaning power for Heavy Duty trucks, tanker trucks, garbage and other odd-shaped vehicles.

For standard applications, Ultima can be equipped with conventional flat, high pressure nozzles.

The Key Element is High Pressure Washing

Transportation vehicles have a large number of areas that are beyond the reach of brushes. High pressure washing addresses this problem. The Rainbow Spinner Ultima is equipped with prewash and high pressure wash systems. Flat spray techniques are used for standard cleaning while, Spinners with the solid stream nozzles are designed for more demanding applications.

After a chemical prewash, high pressure Spinners use a rotating and spinning motion to quickly and efficiently clean spaces on odd-shaped vehicles that brushes cannot reach. Additionally, these high pressure Spinners with water jets remove sand and other coarse particles which could potentially scratch finishes during the brush stage of the wash.

Solid Stream Nozzles for Far Reaching Cleaning Power

While a flat spray pattern is ideal for short and medium distances, a solid stream spray pattern is more effective over greater distances.
The Spinner Ultima machines feature high pressure Spinner Systems with rotating Spinners equipped with Solid stream nozzles. The water jets form a uniform area on the target surface.

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