Heavy-Duty Wash Standard products Rainbow Ultima

Rainbow Ultima

Ultimate Cleaning Power for Regular and Irregular Fleets.

The new Rainbow Ultima Fleet Washer presents state-of-the-art technology to the large vehicle cleaning industry and fulfils extensive needs in a variety of applications. The top models combine advanced brushless and brush wash methods and clean all kinds of vehicles from cars to complex shaped tractors and trailers.

Top Class Cleaning Power for Hard-to-Clean Shaped Vehicles

The Rainbow Ultima is equipped with prewash and high-pressure systems consisting of oscillating and profiling solid stream nozzle assemblies that have the best available cleaning power for tanker- and garbage trucks and other hard-to-clean shaped vehicles. For standard application Ultima can be equipped with conventional flat high-pressure nozzles.

The Key Element – High-Pressure Washing

Transportation vehicles have a larger number of areas beyond the reach of brushes. Therefore it goes without saying that high-pressure washing plays a major role in large vehicle cleaning processes. Additionally, the high-pressure water jets remove sand and other coarse particles, which could potentially scratch finishes of vehicles during the brush stage of the wash. The Ultima range utilises both the conventional flat spray and advanced solid stream pattern techniques. The flat spray nozzles are for standard cleaning while solid stream nozzles are designed for more demanding applications.

Solid Stream Nozzles – for Far-Reaching Cleaning Power

A flat spray pattern is ideal over short and medium distances. However, a solid stream spray pattern is more effective over greater cleaning distances. Ultima machines feature high-pressure spray units with 3 parallel, solid stream nozzles. The water jets form a uniform impact area on the target surface.

Triple Coverage Sweeping Technique for Enhanced Cleaning

Vertically sweeping side jets clean the sides from sills to roof. For enhanced cleaning, they oscillate up and down so that they overlap each other. Similarly, the high-pressure water jets on the rotary head oscillate sideways. High-pressure water jets, from nozzles situated in the rotary head, clean the vertical and horizontal surfaces from bumper to bumper. Rotational motions of the head, together with the lateral oscillating pattern, direct the far-reaching water jets into vehicle recesses that are beyond the reach of brushes.

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