Tammermatic FENiX is born!

Unprecedented cleanliness with feather-soft washing.

Reborn collection

The versatile Tammermatic FENiX seamlessly combines wisdom and stability.

Our new Tammermatic FENiX car wash machine collection is the result of innovative product development, integrating modern design, improved reliability, and intelligent technology. FENiX takes your car wash business to new heights.

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Tammermatic FENiX raises your car wash business to the next level.

FENiX is Outstanding

Customer-specific machine colors and displays can be tailored to match your company’s color palette and graphic style—FENiX transforms to reflect the identity of your business!

The modern exterior has been completely redesigned

Tammermatic FENiX’s customizable facade blends visual appeal with informativeness for a stunning overall presentation. Individual customization through wraps and displays allows for a unique appearance, meeting even the most demanding preferences.

Unprecedented cleanliness with feather-soft washing

Soft brushes have been further developed, and the new brush construction enables even more efficient wash results while maintaining the familiar gentle washing experience. Thanks to the new technology, the brushes are quieter, adjustable, and bend more easily to reach challenging areas.

FENiX is Intelligent

Smart technology provides precise information about the car wash machine’s status, enabling anticipation of disturbances and remote diagnosis of components—FENiX reduces interruptions in the wash process!

FENiX’s revamped control system is designed to meet growing demands

All measurable and adjustable motor controls have been converted to frequency converter drives to increase energy efficiency, adjustability, and to reduce wash times. The control system is simpler, without overlapping systems or computer operating systems requiring updates or third-party software.

The new control system withstands disturbances better

The wash machine’s control unit is now located in a permanently installed control housing. Fault tolerance has also been improved, and versatile diagnostics are utilized. Measurements and reporting of wash chemicals are now even more accurate. When additionally connected to TammerCloud, the system provides extensive reporting on the wash machine’s operation.

FENiX is Stable

Mechanical solutions bring reliability and efficiency, and therefore enhances the stability of the wash machine. Maintenance is easier—FENiX produces more but requires less!

FENiX has undergone extensive mechanical development

Examples of mechanical changes that improve the operational reliability and reduce life cycle costs:

  • Moving car wash machines contain only remote I/O modules, and the actual intelligence is placed in a stable environment.
  • Airflow for drying has been increased, and the drying air column has been optimized to match the car profile.
  • Component diagnostics have been improved so that faults can be located without replacing parts.
  • More efficient motors extend their lifespan.
  • Special attention has been paid to the protection of components.
  • The carriage mechanism has been redesigned for durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Maintenance points have been reduced.
  • The soft brush construction has been updated.

Water consumption can be calculated per wash and faster side brush movements shorten the washing time!

Hyväksy markkinointievästeet, jotta voit katsoa tämän videon.

FENiX is User-Friendly

The fully revamped and real-time user interface makes program adjustments easier and is freely movable—FENiX is user-friendly!

Tammermatic FENIX’s completely redesigned operating system is a tailor-made solution for wash machine use from the ground up

More user-friendly and reliable, real-time and meets the growing need for data collection with TammerCloud service integration.

The interface is designed for use with mobile devices, allowing operators to control the machine regardless of location

Wash machine control can be done from the wash hall next to the machine, from a service point outside the wash hall, or even remotely from our service center.

The interface is simplified and guides the user

This lowers the threshold for using the machine and improves the smoothness and efficiency of daily operations.

The interface provides real-time information about the machine and the washing process

Reminds of upcoming maintenance needs and in case of a disturbance, offers the possibility of deactivating the faulty feature, allowing wash operation to continue.

FENiX is a Greener Choice

Faster washes are possible due to technical improvements, water consumption can be monitored even per wash, material choices are based on lightness and recyclability, and more actions can be performed remotely—FENiX is a more sustainable choice!


Particular focus has been in choosing materials. And, almost all materials are recyclable at the end of the washing machine’s life cycle.
In the procurement of components and subcontract assemblies, we aim for local production whenever possible.

Tammermatic FENiX’s water consumption can be measured per wash (option)

This makes it easier to optimize wash programs. 

FENiX is for you!

FENiX can make your car wash business more efficient and profitable. Contact us for more information.

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