Self-service car wash

Self-service systems bring new customers to paid car washes

Self-service car wash (DIY) systems that support traditional car wash operations offer car wash entrepreneurs an excellent way to direct people from their backyards to paid car wash. In this way, car wash operators can expand their customer base with a completely new group of consumers, which also increases the station’s other sales. In connection with an automatic wash machine, the number of both washers increases, because the customer can choose either one and both washing methods also have their own customer base.

The customer pays for the washing time and washes the car themself. A dirty car requires more functions and a longer washing time, while simply washing away road or pollen dust can be done in no time. DIY devices can be used to pre-wash the car using a pre-wash chemical, brush wash, hot wax, rinse wax and even dry if necessary. Versatile software guarantees the best return.

A wide selection of wash options serves the customer, and the customer also spends more time and money on washing. The margin brought by DIY washing is high and the wash frequency is higher than in traditional car washing machines.

Easy, safe and environmentally friendly

Self-wash systems offer an excellent option for those who want to wash their car themselves but to do it safely and environmentally friendly. New types of DIY washers make car washing easy, clean and fast, and the car washer does not need any special equipment, but can even wash in a suit on and party shoes. In addition, washing is significantly more environmentally friendly than home yard washing, as water, chemicals and loose soil are treated appropriately.

Tammermatic Oy resells WAP self-service car wash equipment manufactured by the German wwb Carwash GmbH & Co. wwb is one of the pioneers in the car wash market and they have delivered more than 1500 self-wash equipment in Europe.

The highest quality and most durable equipment

The service life of wwb’s equipment is on average up to 15 to 20 years.

Smart technology

With the help of the latest wwb software, the entrepreneur can easily get information about the actual wash behavior of their customers: selected wash programs, consumption of chemicals and water, and payment methods – and all this information is available for each washing area.

Versatile options

Indoor and outdoor locations, technology and different foams and waxes for the washing phases.

Premium foam

An attractive option for the customer, which easily brings more turnover.

Many payment methods

In addition to the versatile and modern touch screen, traditional buttons and a rotary switch are still available.

Maintenance and spare parts

The susceptibility to disruptions of wwb equipment is low. Our customers also appreciate the ease of maintenance.

wwb Self-Service Wash Systems

wwb washing equipment is customized according to the customer’s needs, for outdoor or indoor spaces.

The indoor washrooms are in use all year round. Underfloor heating and frost protection may be required in outdoor locations. wwb’s intelligent antifreeze constantly measures and compares the outside temperature and the temperature of the base plate, automatically reacting to changes. This also saves energy.

It is possible to place the technology of the equipment in a container or in an equipment room.

The consumption of water and chemicals is precisely optimized and adjustable by function. The need for maintenance is also minimal. Washing is inexpensive and easy for both the car washer and the station operator.

The technology of many other DIY systems can be connected to wwb’s hardware, so the entire system does not always have to be completely renewed. Well-functioning parts are easy to keep in use.

Frequency converters

All HP pump modules are already equipped with frequency converters as standard, thanks to which it is possible to save energy as well as water and chemicals.

Touch screen payment terminal

Turnover information for each car wash and each payment method as well for the water point (+vacuum cleaner) separately or as a total.

Hour of use information for each wash station or for the entire equipment.

Water consumption information (if own water meter is available).

Graphic representation of the wash equipment, display of operating status, status of limit switches, current data, times and temperature data, etc.

Test mode: pumps, dosing pumps, lighting, circulating water pumps, payment device.

Parameterization of wash programs: three time settings can be set for each wash program depending on the opening hours (Mon-Fri; Sat and Sun), seven holidays programming – 350 days in advance.

Advertising images, videos or slide shows can be displayed outside the program selection window. You can change this advertising yourself at any time.

Z booms

The shape of the Z-boom allows the installation of several booms in the same washing place. 360 degrees – no collision with other booms.

High pressure gun and foam brush (Premium foam and Premium wax as an option).

Stainless steel.

Pump unit

one high-pressure pump per wash station

660 l/h

chemical pumps for wax

– Premium foam
– Premium wax
– Premium – rim wash
– Freeze prevention

Water supply

inlet water filter

storage tank 73 l

booster pump

manifold (cold / warm, hard / soft water) according to choice

Chemical input

The chemical pump includes filling level monitoring and containers 30 l + 120 l

Control cabinet

7″ touch screen

i-WAP with which the wwb equipment can be remotely connected from any computer and all the parameters remotely adjusted. The customer receives the same information as on the device’s screen.

Wash station lighting: the light turns on for each place after payment. We recommend this especially for unmanned wash stations.