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For clean vehicles

When investing in car wash equipment, certainty is decisive. When you acquire a wash machine solution from us, you get reliable car washes and smooth maintenance service.

Car washing is a profitable business and therefore it is worth offering the best to your wash customers. Tammermatic’s car wash machines are always customised according to the wishes and needs of the customer. All of our automatic vehicle wash machines are manufactured in Pirkkala, Finland.

Tammermatic wash machines have several patented and unique functions that you can’t get anywhere else.
Individual technical solutions together with intelligent software enable simultaneous wash functions and therefore faster wash – without compromising the quality of wash result.

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Take advantage of smart car wash technology

Satisfied customers come to the automatic car wash again and again. As a supplier of car wash machine solutions, we ensure that you have the best conditions to serve your customers and offer a good customer experience.

Based on a strong partnership

We have long established relationships with our distributors and together we look for the best, individual car wash solutions for our customers. We deliver, install and test the washing system for operational condition, and we also guide you in choosing chemicals.

Customized for the customer

The customer gets exactly what they want: the washing machine design and product options can be selected for all machines. Our versatile range of services completes the overall package.

Comprehensive maintenance services

Our experts are available every day from morning to evening when you need help in operating and malfunction situations. Our extensive service network enables quick response and on-site visits if necessary.

Unique features

Our patented Automatic shape detection (scanner) and Tire Polishing options are only available for Tammermatic wash machines. The scanner makes it possible to offer all wash programs for all types of vehicles, so the entire wash selection is available to everyone.

Remote control

Tammermatic wash machines can be controlled remotely when the wash machine is connected to Internet. Remote control maximizes the utilization rate of the machine, because in the event of a malfunction, the problem can be investigated even before the actual service visit and the operator can be guided to solve the problem.

Smart washing technology

It is possible to modify the functions of the wash machine, including wash programs, by using a remote connection. This enables a quick response and is very cost-effective for the customer. The TammerCloud -service offers a real-time view of the machine’s operation and key figures.


Tammermatic FENiX – Unprecedented cleanliness with feather-soft washing.

Our new Tammermatic FENiX car wash machine collection is the result of innovative product development, integrating modern design, improved reliability, and intelligent technology. FENiX takes your car wash business to new heights. 

You can read more about the new features of Tammermatic FENiX here.

Our car wash machine models Lux, Turbo, and Pro differ in terms of high-pressure washing systems. There is also the completely brushless machine Jet, or Takt which contains two separate machines.

Tammermatic FENiX – for all your needs

Everything is tailored to your needs

Once the HP technology, i.e. the basic model, has been selected, the other features of the car wash machine are then chosen according to your wishes.

There are countless product options from signage and safety equipment to elements that offer experiences. With these options you can create your own washing concept.

The wash programs the customer wants to offer, guide the selection of product options, so it is worth thinking about the wash programs already when assembling the contents of the car wash machine. The versatile product options also enable a selection of different washes to be offered to the end customers.

Shall we talk more?

Tammermatic FENiX models


When you look for the absolute wash efficiency!

Oscillating zero degree nozzles are the most efficient high-pressure wash option, which offer the best wash results even in brushless washes.

Download Brochure (PDF, 2 Mt)

Oscillating zero degree nozzles

The oscillating, rotating in multiple directions high-pressure degree jets clean even surfaces that brushes cannot reach. With the zero degree nozzles, the water pressure is kept sufficient in relation to the farthest surface, so that all surfaces are cleaned effectively. The washable surface is washed several times.

Oscillating high-pressure wash for wheels

Wheel-HP with zero degree nozzles.
Can also be programmed to wash the entire hem.

High pressure pumps

Oscillation also requires more power in terms of pumps: we recommend at least 16.5 kW pumps. If you want to combine top and side high-pressure washing with the same crossing, the power of the pumps should be 22 kW.

The turning side arches are split

The side arches turn towards the car at the front and rear. In addition, the side arches are full height and divided, which means that it is possible to apply the prewash chemical to cars of different heights partially or for the entire height, because the wash machine recognizes the car’s height. Thanks to this solution, prewash chemical is saved.

FENiX Turbo

Rotary wash power with Turbo!

Turbo nozzles are very fast rotating zero degree nozzles, thanks to which contact with the car’s surface is accomplished repeatedly. In addition, the washing pressure on the surface of the car is higher.

Download Brochure (PDF 2Mt)

Turbo nozzles

Fast-rotating zero degree nozzles wash the same spot repeatedly, which brings efficiency to washing.

High pressure washing for wheels

There is no need for a separate wheel high pressure wash, because the turbo nozzles wash the wheels and rims at the same time.

High pressure pumps

We recommend at least 16.5 kW pumps.


Basic model with flat spray nozzles.

Download Brochure (PDF 2 Mt)

Flat spray nozzles

The flat spray nozzles move sideways as well as back and forth and the washing result is excellent. Also suitable for regular brushless washes.

High pressure washing for wheels

Wheel-HP with zero degree nozzles.

High pressure pumps

We recommend at least 11 kW pumps.

Prewash arch

The prewash arch is full height, which means that the application of prewash chemical cannot be separated based on car size.


Effective washing without brushes!

All other models can be used for both brush and brushless washes, but the FENiX Jet is completely brushless. For this reason, we recommend only oscillating (Lux type) for high pressure. Wash program content makes even a brushless machine an efficient washer.

Download Brochure (PDF, 2 Mt)

Oscillating zero degree nozzles

For brushless washing, we recommend oscillating nozzles, because then the wash result is the best possible. These swivelling high-pressure jets effectively clean even surfaces that brushes cannot reach.

Oscillating high-pressure wash for wheels

Wheel HP with zero degree nozzles.
Can also be programmed to wash the entire hem.

High pressure pumps

The machine can use roof and side ramps at the same time, so the high-pressure jets clean the sides and roof of the car in one pass. This significantly saves washing time. Oscillation also requires more power in terms of pumps, and that’s why we recommend 22 kW pumps for this brushless machine.

FENiX Takt

More car wash capacity with separate washing and drying machines.

The Takt system has two consecutive washing machines. The first machine washes the car, after which the car is driven to another hall separated by a high-speed door for waxing and drying. The next car in line can drive to the wash while the previous one moves to the drying.

Download Brochure (PDF, 2 Mt)

Polishing washes

If the share of polishing washes is significant you can get up to 30 – 40 % more capacity with the help of Takt system. Also the wash customers benefit from the reduced waiting time.

All model options possible

In Takt, all our model options are possible, i.e. the customer can choose Lux, Turbo, Pro or Jet.

The best chemicals as part of the best washes

The importance of chemicals to the wash result is significant. We recommend you detergents according to the season and your concept and adjust the consumption to the optimum.

Wash chemicals