Health and Safety – Environment – Quality (HSEQ)

Naturally clean: Quality

Our company has certified management systems for quality and environment (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015).

Health and Safety

We have an active occupational health and safety committee that plans, implements, monitors and evaluates the safety of our company. We collect safety observations, based on which we decide on actions.


Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy covers the design, sale and manufacture of automatic vehicle wash machines, wash chemical manufacturing and all additional and aftermarket services related to these products.


We commit to protect the environment to the best of our ability and to comply with environmental legislation applicable to our operations.
We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental system so that we can improve our level of environmental protection.

The CEO of the company is responsible for all management systems in our company.

The company’s quality/environmental manager is responsible for the environmental policy and its implementation, i.e. that the tasks assigned to the responsibility of everyone, both supervisors and employees, are carried out.

Orientation and training
Managers are responsible for familiarizing new employees with environmental issues and that environmental training supporting the business is regularly organized for all personnel.

Risk assessment
Environmental risks are generally assessed and analyzed in accordance with the company’s risk assessment system and, if necessary, with the help of separate risk analyses.

Supervision and monitoring
The implementation and level of environmental activities are monitored and evaluated and reported annually in connection with the management review and in connection with internal and external evaluations. External supervision is carried out by ELY (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) and other authorities.

Method of operation
Our operations are guided by consideration of environmental aspects in all processes, and we strive to develop our significant environmental aspects and thereby support sustainable development. The life cycle of the products is planned rationally, and the environmental effects caused by our products are assessed, as far as possible, from the manufacturing process to all the environmental effects that are caused in the different stages of the product’s life cycle before and after its manufacture.

When designing products, we pay particular attention to reducing the use of water and energy and the amount and selection of environmentally friendly materials. In aftermarket, our goal in car washing machines is to reduce and optimize the consumption of chemicals, use biodegradable and non-toxic chemicals and water recycling. With our remote monitoring system, we can reduce physical maintenance visits. We adjust the consumption of chemicals according to different seasons remotely, if possible.

The car wash chemicals produced and sold by Tammermatic have been approved in both Finland and Sweden in accordance with the guidelines of the environmental authorities. These instructions comply with EU directives and the REACH regulation. Almost all of the detergents we manufacture are equipped with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Our company has an environmental permit issued by the Regional Administration Office.

Environmental program

The focus of our environmental program 2022 – 2024 is to develop effective detergents that meet the Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria; find new, more environmentally friendly raw materials and invest in a safe working environment in chemical manufacturing and take care of the environment.

Environmental actions taken

Environmental issues, especially supporting sustainable development, are very important to our company. This is taken into account in every process, some examples of which are below:

Our wash chemicals manufacturing is an activity subject to an environmental permit. That’s why many things are implemented and monitored very carefully, both internally and by the authorities.

We manufacture our wash machines in Finland only, so the supply chain is fully controllable. Subcontracted sub-assemblies are mainly made in Finland.
Our purchasing activities aim to find local (at least Finnish) suppliers and subcontractors and thus support local production and Finnish industry. We strive to increase our degree of domesticity by constantly surveying new suppliers.

Our own product development team has developed technical solutions that are more durable or environmentally friendly in terms of life and materials. An example of this is parallel functions during washing with different options. In addition, the washing machine’s water consumption has been optimized by reducing the detergent nozzles and aligning them better, so that the detergents are not consumed excessively and are directed to the vehicle and are not sprayed elsewhere. Improving the timely operation of water arches has also contributed to this.

In our own test hall, we constantly carry out new development work and measurements to optimize various wash adjustments. We are also constantly developing our wash chemicals, most of which are Swan-labelled, meaning they are biodegradable and have less impact on the environment. We also offer water recycling solutions.

We are able to make wash program changes and seasonal changes remotely, which essentially reduces the carbon footprint, since we don’t have to visit the station on site to do this. Many small adjustments, resets and fault corrections can also be handled remotely.

We also refurbish used machines for further use and thus extend the life cycle of the product. A wash machine that has finally reached the end of its life cycle is almost entirely recyclable metal waste.

The electricity purchased by our company is guaranteed-of-origin and 100% renewable energy. To reduce the need for oil heating in our factory, we have installed an air-to-water heat pump system during 2023.