Maintenance services

Worry-free maintenance

Tammermatic wash machines outside Finland are serviced by our distributors and they are able to help quickly in possible operational disturbance situations.

Professional Service Organisations

Service technicians of Tammermatic distributors are trained professionals who take take of preventive maintenance, as well as repairs.

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Customer Service

Modern wash machines are connected to the Internet, which allows the maintenance customer service to see the malfunction remotely and take measures on the wash machine without always physically visiting the site.

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Securing Wash Operation

Regular maintenance secures the fluent operation of your vehicle wash machine and shortens down-time periods. Spare parts are deliverable from stock.

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Preventive maintenance

Maintenance Program / Contents of Service

Wash machines are serviced according to a maintenance program based on the wash count. Consumable components have a certain lifespan and therefore it is very important to maintain the machine according to the maintenance program. The maintenance program ensures that the components can be changed proactively and there is no emergency on the busiest wash day.

In maintenance, bearings, hinges and joints are lubricated every time, e.g. brakes, safety devices, nozzles, lights and chemical station are checked, cleaned, possibly repaired and adjusted. The checklist is long because there are many parts.

The content of each maintenance visit varies according to the wash count, because the components to be replaced vary. Wash machines are not identical to each other, so the machine model and additional options chosen by the customer affect the content of the service.

Service Intervals

The frequency of preventive maintenance is determined by the wash count. With the new T700 machines the frequency is 6,000 washes. Even if the maintenance interval is not completed in a year, the wash machine is still recommended to be serviced at least once a year in order to avoid big surprises.

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Maintenance Contracts

By having a service contract you can be sure your wash machine is taken care of, according to the maintenance program.

Tammermatic and our distributors offer different service contract models so that every customer finds a contract that best suits their needs.

The per-wash contract we developed is simple and secure for the customer: the payment is charged according to the volume of washes so that the monthly charge remains relatively flat and predictable. The price per wash includes labour costs, all travel costs and almost all parts.

The per-visit contract model is based on actual costs, i.e. the work done, travel costs and replaced parts are charged according to the price list.

In bad economic times, customers may think they are “saving” e.g. in maintenance, which will backfire at some point. The regularity of maintenance and compliance with the maintenance interval are very important in order to avoid bigger disasters.

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Spare Parts

We stock spare parts our wash machines at our factory in Pirkkala, which guarantees availability and fast deliveries. The most critical spare parts are available in service vans also.

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