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The most attractive. The most trusted. Primary choice for partner.

We are as a supplier of automatic washing equipment the most attractive and most reliable partner in our field, and therefore the customer’s preferred choice.

Clean vehicle efficiently, safely and productively.

We are innovative, invest in sustainable development and are known as a reliable partner in providing automatic washing equipment and related services. We make vehicle washing profitable to our customer: they get the products and services best suited to their needs, throughout the product’s life cycle.


Helping the customer

We support you in acquiring the machine, we ensure its operation and support you by offering business service solutions that best suit your needs. We listen to our customers and based on the feedback received we make progress together.


We support sustainable development in all our activities; we take care of the safety and well-being our work community.

Focus on innovative solutions

We constantly strive to develop more functional and more sustainable solutions and to offer new innovations to our customers, in which we take into account the aspects of responsibility.


We do things together to find the best solutions. We work with a professional pride and heart.


Tammermatic has a long and eventful history, but since the beginning the focus has remained with automatic washing equipment.

Tammermatic’s long history stretches back to 1966, when the Finnish manufacturing of car wash machines started in Tampere. Auto R. Lamminen, owned by Reino Lamminen, manufactured the first 10 car wash machines sold by Helsinki-based Sawilco Oy.

Sawilco Oy initially operated as a seller of machines and also started export operations. In 1968, Kone Lamminen Ky was founded, sales were taken over by Kone Lamminen Ky and at the same time the brand was changed from Wilcomatic to Tammermatic.

The first machines were semi-automatic, that is, they required an employee to monitor the progress of the washing, because the brushes had to be assisted manually. In 1972, the design and manufacture of a fully automatic washing machine began. After automation, drying was developed first and after that the focus was on washing result, e.g. with brushes that wash together. Wheel brushes came with the “Nordic” washing machine in 1974.

Washing equipment for heavy equipment also started to be manufactured already in the early years of our company. The Rainbow name still lives on.

In 1975, the company became part of the Electrolux Group. Since then, the owners have been various investment companies, until the company was taken over by a group of domestic private entrepreneurs at the end of 2018. In the summer of 2021, we moved from Rahola in Tampere to Pirkkala, to newer and more functional premises.

Export has always been and still is a significant part of our machine sales, and our biggest customers are the Nordic countries, where challenging and variable weather conditions produce diverse requirements for car washing.

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Behind a functioning automatic vehicle wash machine there is a lot of mechanics, electrical automation technology and software technology. Tammermatic’s own design department includes mechanical, electrical automation and software designers.

Especially on the heavy equipment side, each project is tailored according to the customer’s wishes and general operating conditions, and this always requires product and site design. Often, the project starts already before the construction of the wash hall, in which case we can give instructions, e.g. the necessary water and electricity supplies and fixing points for the building designer.

The equipment to be washed, the options selected for the wash machine and the wash programs set requirements for programming. For example, the washing programs of the truck wash machine are only programmed on site, when the equipment to be washed is known and can be test washed.

The development of new products usually starts with the wishes and needs of customers. A good example of this is the parking assistant. Over the years, we had heard from entrepreneurs about the difficulty the wash customers have in centering their vehicle in the middle of the wash machine to ensure the best washing result, and that is why we developed a parking assistant based on laser light. When the customer drives into the car wash, the laser light on the dashboard makes it easier to center the car.

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RD and the environment
Our product development department has developed technical solutions that are more durable and/or more environmentally friendly in terms of life and materials.

An example of this is parallel functions during washing with different options: it is possible to perform several functions with one crossing, which shortens the length of the wash and thereby reduces water and energy consumption. In addition, water consumption has been optimized by reducing the size of the chemical nozzles and aligning them better, so that the chemical is not consumed excessively and is directed to the car and not sprayed elsewhere. Improving the timely operation of water arches has also contributed to this.

We have paid attention to the materials used and the lifetime and recyclability of the parts. A wash machine that has reached the end of its life cycle is almost entirely recyclable metal waste.


At Tammermatic, we work together to deliver the best solutions for our customers. Advocating for cleaner vehicles and ongoing development is a matter of professional pride for us.

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