What is TammerCloud?

TammerCloud is a new service that supports our customers’ car wash business, from which the entrepreneur can see the key figures of the operation quickly and easily.

Key figures

At a quick glance, you can see how many washes you have had and the status your wash machine is in.


The machine’s error logs tell you for what reason, how often and how long your washing machine has been in error mode.

Chemical status

A separate chemicals’ level measuring system sends an alarm when the container reaches the set alarm limit.


Tammermatic wash machine can send a text message or email in the event of a malfunction, allowing you to react quickly and minimize downtime.

Development of wash operations

You can plan different campaigns using the data provided by the service.

Complementation of services

We constantly update the content of the service package. Up next are additional services related to maintenance.

TammerCloud Content

TammerCloud is a possible additional service for T700 washing machines with an Internet connection.

The service includes free sections for all customers and sections with an additional fee. You can choose the areas you want to monitor and use yourself – and you can try everything first without a long-term contract.

Download Brochure (PDF, 2 Mt)

Basic view

Wash volumes hourly, daily, weekly and monthly as well as annually

Wash machine status and total wash counter

Wash logs

Individual wash information: date, time, wash program number, drive-in time, wash duration, car length and height

Time period selection with date search

Wash quantities according to the height and length of the car

Number of washes by each washing program

Average duration of washes by wash program and average length and height of cars by wash program

Error logs

Malfunction notifications given by the machine in the selected time interval and Downtime caused by malfunctions and by wash

the possibility to receive an error status alert via SMS or e-mail

Top errors (reason and quantity)

Machine history

Utilization rate %

Option to select the year to be displayed

Number of error reports: review at monthly and daily level (see below)

Time allocation to different wash modes: Idle, Wash mode, Inoperative, Closed, Maintenance

Chemical level measuring system

Reduces physical visits to the technical space, saving you time

The remaining amount of chemicals per chemical container in use is displayed

Alarm limits are set by container

Tells about a problem if the chemical is not consumed, even though there are washes

Text message alerts are sent to the agreed numbers when the alarm limit set for each container has been reached

Note. requires a separate chemical measuring equipment!

SMS and email alerts

Malfunctions of the wash machine: when the machine goes into error mode, an alert is sent immediately to the phone number or email provided by the customer

The chemical measurement system alerts with a text message when the alarm limit has been reached, i.e. the containers require filling

Drawings of the machine and instructions for use

Machine-specific technical images

User manual

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