Tammermatic FENiX is born: the Story behind it.

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Tammermatic introduced a new era car wash machine to the market

Tammermatic  Oy proudly announced the official release of our innovative car wash machine, Tammermatic FENiX in February. The Tammermatic FENiX represents cutting-edge technology, seamlessly combining intelligence and durability. Here below we tell how it happened, in short, and reveal the idea behind the product name.

I am truly happy and proud on behalf of our entire Tammermatic product development team! The end result is exactly in line with the original target – if not even better.”

-Arto Mäkelä, Product Development Manager, FENiX-team

Unprecedented cleanliness with a feather-soft wash!

A product development project for a new wash machine is always a long, interesting, and eventful journey. The T700 range was launched in 2013, so the need for a new machine had been recognized and anticipated. The actual development work began in the spring of 2022 by identifying the necessary changes from both the customer’s perspective and our own starting points for production, sales, as well as service and installation technicians.

Tammermatic’s in-house design team includes professionals in electrical automation, software engineering, and mechanics. For the design of the new machine, we also sought some external expertise and insights, as well as for selected mechanical development areas. We chose Enmac Oy as our partner and Icraft Oy for the hardware side of the control system, both local companies.

The T700 wash machine has undergone significant development throughout its life cycle. Practically the entire machine was redesigned almost entirely, except for the appearance. Some of the newly developed components from the previous model were also retained in the new machine – why change something that works well? Therefore, our focus was on improving the more challenging areas.

Mechanical and intellectual enhancements play a crucial role in the new machine. Reliability, usability, and modernity were all incorporated into one package. FENiX underwent a complete modernization of its appearance, which has already received a lot of positive feedback.

Programmatic and mechanical improvements supporting sustainable development have enabled further acceleration of wash programs. The shorter washing time translates into energy and water savings. In the next phase, an option will be added for monitoring water consumption per wash program, opening up further possibilities for wash program fine-tuning.

The materials used in the machine are lighter and mostly recyclable. By reducing the number of parts and improving their protection, this directly impacts a decrease in life cycle costs through reduced maintenance needs. There are now more remote control options, reducing the need for physical visits on-site. FENiX is thus a more sustainable choice!

We are truly proud of the end result: our entire company has made a great effort, and now we can offer a new generation of car wash machines to our customers.


Why the name “Tammermatic FENiX”?

The name FENiX was our working title for a long time, but as we got used to it and it felt right, we ended up choosing it as the product name, as well.

Fenix mythology is usually associated with the theme of rebirth and the power to rise from the ashes – however, this does not refer to the fire at the old Tesoma factory, the name already existed before that.

Fenix symbolizes a new beginning and continuation of life and the colorful feathers in turn strength and beauty. This is the reason the name fits perfectly to our product.

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