Tammermatic FENiX is born!

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Tammermatic introduces a new era car wash machine to the market

Tammermatic Ltd is proud to announce the official release of its innovative car wash machine, Tammermatic FENiX. The Tammermatic FENiX represents cutting-edge technology, seamlessly combining intelligence and durability.

This versatile and customer-adaptable wash machine collection is based on our advanced product development, which integrates modern design, intelligent technology, and robust mechanical solutions. We are excited to bring Tammermatic FENiX to the market. We strongly believe that this new wash machine will generate widespread interest both domestically and internationally. FENiX further strengthens our position in the car wash industry and supports the success of our customers.

– Pekka Komulainen, CEO of Tammermatic

Unprecedented cleanliness with a feather-soft wash!

Key features of Tammermatic FENiX include a smart control system, user-friendly interface, customization of the appearance with impressive LED displays, and various mechanical improvements to enhance reliability – all implemented with better consideration for environmental factors.

Tammermatic FENiX is proudly manufactured in Finland. Tammermatic has been in operation since 1966 as a manufacturer of automatic vehicle wash systems for both passenger and heavy-duty vehicles in Pirkkala, introducing numerous features over the years to enhance automatic car wash.



We invite all interested parties to explore our new washing machine collection!

Tammermatic FENiX was officially launched on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, at a VIP event held in Tampere.

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