Car Wash

Car Wash

The car wash improves both the business and profitability

Car wash services form a significant part of the business activities of fuel and service stations, as well as that of store chains. On some business sites it is even the most important source of revenue. Fast and reliable car wash machines can significantly increase washing capacity during the high season. Versatile value-added services, such as waxing or tyre polishing again add to the attractiveness of the wash and increase the mean price of washes. Excellent wash result and a pleasant washing experience increases customer satisfaction and helps to persuade the customer to revisit the car wash.

Technical prowess and reliable partnership

Tammermatic Group has almost fifty years of experience in the designing and production of car wash machines for private vehicles and heavy duty washing systems. We offer our clients technical innovations and reliable partnership in the car wash business.

We always strive to familiarise ourselves with the needs of our customers and do our very best to work with the customer to find the best individual solutions. Our motto is always to help our customers to produce better results with car washing.